Matt & John | Rodale Institute | Philadelphia LGBT Wedding Photographer

struck [struhk]

Definition 1 - simple past tense and participle of the word strike.  2 - to drive so as to cause impact. ex - "There was something about Matt & John's wedding that struck me"

It was a cool and overcast day @ Rodale Institute (the birthplace of organic) in Kutztown, PA for Matt & John's Wedding. Friends and family had gathered (some from as far as Colorado) to celebrate their union and the buzz in the air was obvious. I was struck by the care and effort they had put into cultivating their special day, from their suits, to the bridesmaids dresses, to "TJ the DJ", to the destination florist they had selected (Oleandor Curated). I was struck by a Mother's Love x2, the kind of love that never fades. I was struck by their vows and adoration for each other, affirming their completion through their union with each other. 

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