Jess & David | The Bond | York Wedding Photographer

"We're having White Ford Bronco play the reception" - Jess

I'm sitting in the offices of Planned Perfection, a premiere wedding and event planning company in Lancaster, PA. Jess explains to me that White Ford Bronco is her favorite 90's band from DC. 

"And instead of throwing a bouquet, we're going to throw a Coach Bag and a flask of premiere whiskey" - Jess

From the start I knew that Jess & David were putting all of themselves into their wedding. they booked The Bond of York, a premiere industrial venue owned by Weddings by JDK. They were hiring their favorite party band.....What greater gift to give to each other than to throw the ultimate party with all your friends and family in attendance to celebrate the moment that you commit yourself to each other?  Forever.

Jess wanted to do two first looks, one for her father and on for David. Calm and composed at first, Jess' father couldn't contain himself once he saw his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. 

From the start of the ceremony, there was an energy amongst all the guests in attendance. The room was abuzz with anticipation as the door lifted and Jess and her father strolled down the aisle hand in hand.

Heartfelt toasts at the reception from both fathers brought several in the room to tears. There's a bravery in being honest about the love for your children in a room full of people.  

The energy continued onto the dance floor as the crowd let loose to White Ford Bronco.  I could only imagine how Jess & David were feeling now. A year ago it was just an idea, and now it was happening.  

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