Krista & Justin | Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

"The ceremony will be over there by the Pine Trees and that mulched area to the left will be where we'll be pointing up the tent" - Krista

I'm on a FaceTime call w/ Krista & Justin, scoping out the wedding location and envisioning everything they're describing to me about their special day.  

"I love the ferns" - Me

"I love the ferns too!" - Krista

It was a gorgeous day to be surrounded by family and friends as Krista & Justin made vows and promises to each other.  These were promises that would last a lifetime, not only for each other, but also for their future child.  It feels so funny saying "future child", because technically he/she is present and hearing everything, from getting ready to reception, from vows to speeches, from first dance to toasts.  Their family not only acknowledged their future, but also their past, paying homage to grandparents Bob & Vava, and the legacy that they had left to the family.