Tam & Bao | Lancaster Engagement Photographer

"Hiiiiiii!!!" - Tam (on a Skype Call)

The enthusiasm I feel from Tam & Bao when it comes to their planning and upcoming wedding is obvious. They have really committed to the idea of getting to know me as their wedding photographer, building that oh so essential comfort that is crucial to getting natural looking photos that truly capture their chemistry together.

We started the session at Annie Bailey's Irish Pub (where they had their first date), and moved on to various points around Lancaster City as well as a little picnic at Lancaster County Park. Throughout the session, I would show them little "previews" out of the back of the camera that were met with the same excitement and enthusiasm.  

Tam & Bao will be making things official on July 30th, 2016, starting with a traditional Vietnamese ceremony w/ family before moving on to a big bash at the newly opened Excelsior Wedding Venue in Downtown Lancaster City.