Anita & Wayne | Chanteclaire Farm | Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

"The goal in portrait photography is not to exhibit the subject, but reveal them" - unknown

I want to talk about that quote a little bit, and the picture above.  In all of us, there are many many layers between how we want to be seen, and who we are.  The constant struggle between authenticity and what we tuck away out of fear of criticism or judgement.  Regardless of what you see above, I think we can all agree on one thing.  There's no bullshit.  

Anita is by far one of my favorite people that I met in 2015.  Our relationship and interactions consist primarily of Facebook posts as every single time she posts something, it catches my attention.  Every.SingleTime.  Some of it is outlandish, some of it is hilarious, some of it is opinionated, all of it is her truth.  And though we have never spent more than a few hours actually in each other's presence, I get the sense that she is seriously committed to her truth and that's what makes her stand out to me.  

She has found love in Wayne and he in her.  I'll never forget their first look.  She came up from behind him, wrapped her arms around him, and he froze.  He just stood there.  I wasn't sure if he was creating anticipation or if this was his "real moment".  Where he would turn around and see his bride for the first time, the woman he was only minutes away from marrying.