Kate & Steve | Chanteclaire Farm | Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

As I re-visit this wedding from last August, I remember the conversation I had w/ Kate & Steve as we shared some wings in Harrisburg.  You see, Kate works in the Corporate World, matching different personalities w/ jobs.  

"So....do you have Personality Assessments of each other?" I asked.

"Yes" - Kate

"Can you send them to me?"

As I looked over a very heady 19 page document on each of them, there was one chapter that stuck out to me: "Teamwork".  There were 2 areas where they matched up almost perfectly, and that was "Cooperativeness" & "Sensitivity".  

Some traits they share: 

• Preferring to work in a team rather than independently

• Collaborative, consensus-focused

• Considerate, polite, and helpful

• Openly sympathetic and supportive, interested in others’ problems

• Always willing to give others the benefit of the doubt

I found it ironic that they matched so well in these areas, and the more I thought about it, it came to me as no surprise that they would be a good match in life.  

Bonus - Check out this video from my good friend Garrity Powers.  I highly recommend him for any wedding videography (cinematography really...) that you are looking for.