Betsy & Alex | The Booking House | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

"He's a good man, he treats my kids like his own.  He's a good role model for my son" - Betsy

I'm paraphrasing here....Betsy & I were meeting at her future Wedding Venue, The Booking House, in Manheim, PA (just north of Lancaster City). Being a step-parent myself, I was intrigued and moved by her description of Alex's relationship with her 2 children. There's something special about when a man or woman chooses to love another person's child as their own and Betsy & I connected with that level of understanding.  

It was a beautiful day w/ laughter and tears, and most importantly, an appreciation for the roles that they fulfill in each other's lives.  

I got this sweet note from Betsy in addition to a sweet vintage camera piggy bank that now resides in my office: