...And Now For Something Completely Different | Deep Creek Lake Photographer

An interesting thing happens when your play becomes your work and vice-versa.  The creative cycle can turn into a "creative routine", which translates to redundancy, which translates into monotony, which translates into unhappiness, inspiration block, etc.  The solution?  PLAY!!!  Get those endorphins firing and break the mold a bit.  Challenge yourself.  A healthy injection of randomness is great for breaking any routine.  

If you know me, you know I love to play outside.  Growing up in Deep Creek Lake provided me with a wealth of outdoor experiences and exposure and I love sharing those experiences with others.  

On this day, videographers Garrity (whom I highly recommend for wedding videography) & Riley, + me, pried ourselves from the comfort of our beds at 5AM to join friends/hosts Justin Liller, Ashley Liller, & Adam Fadley (Hard As Oak Strength & Conditioning) for a little "Sunrise Session" of wakesurfing, wakeboarding, photo & video.  There's something supremely satisfying about bringing everyone's talents together, and just seeing what comes of it.

If you want to buy one of these bad boys, you can do so by talking to Chad @ Xtreme Power Sports in Accident, MD. 

I need to blog more.  I'll catch up.  I promise.